Steeven Oxybel

Steeven Oxybel

Birmingham UK United Kingdom


Born in a French Caribbean island called Guadeloupe. Steeven's upbringing in the islands and later in South America, increased his interest in the variety of communities, their cultures and traditions.

Photography became a great excuse to look deeper and to make his experiences more intense.

His main focus is on people and their stories. Steeven is also very interested in communicating the mood, the atmosphere of the places where he photographs.

His subjects are encountered during his travels, by chance. He is particularly attracted by stories of people working in unique, challenging environments and those who live in close bond with nature.

In 2013, during his final year of Bachelor in Marketing Management, Steeven joined the CU Photo Club society as Marketing Manager where he developed their online presence and planned and organised the society's activities as a member of the board. The CU Photo Club society is an on campus community for photographers to meet, exchange information, learn through workshops and classes and take part in photography activities and share photos.

As a photographer, Steeven aims to create images that enclose a union of a strong sense of story and feeling.